My name is Celina, and I'm a 20-something from Ontario, Canada.

I created this blog as my place to create, and share my thoughts and experiences with whoever might stumble upon these pages. My content is a mixture of travel experiences, professional content, and anything else that may come to mind!



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Japan in general has so much to offer. A beautiful culture, amazing and delicious food, beautiful nature and scenery, and seriously kind and generous people. I love living here, and I've been able to enjoy so many things I'm passionate about; nature, culture, language, photography and stepping far outside of my comfort zone.

So! This is where I'll share all of my Japan and travel experiences; from hiking mountains and photographing nature, to trying new food and living as semi-vegetarian in a Japan, to living in an asian country as a mixed race individual.

I hope that anyone that happens to stumble into my little world can enjoy following my experiences as much as I enjoy having them, and can see the wonders of living abroad as well as all the great things that the small and often forgotten city of Matsuyama has to offer


Although rarely mentioned or considered as a tourist location, Matsuyama is one of the best cities in the country (in my extremely biased opinion). It is so beautiful and has an amazing community feel. One goal of mine is to use this blog to open up the many hidden gems of Matsuyama city and the Ehime Prefecture.  

Mt. Ishizuchi | Tallest mountain in western Japan | 2.5-3.5 hour hike | 1982m elevation

I'm from a very small town where absolutely nothing happens.  I attended the one school in town and frequented the Avondale down the street, and just like that I had explored 100% of the cool locations in town. While I love this tiny town, I had always felt a need for a little bit more adventure in my life and moved away when I was 17 for university. It was there that I took my first Japanese class, and fell in love with learning the language. When I heard about the JET Programme and all the cool things it had to offer, I decided that once I graduated, I'd apply.In 2019, I finished my degree in marketing and was finally able to apply for the programme like I had been planning to ever since that first Japanese class. I applied, was accepted, and flew away to Matsuyama City in the very beautiful Ehime Prefecture